Alison Henry

Copywriter + Strategist


Student Loan Re-org

Wells Fargo

For the Wells Fargo Student Loan tablet experience, we were tasked with creating an experience for cosigners that would nearly match the experience for primary borrowers, allowing them to check in and make payments if necessary, while protecting the privacy of the primary borrower. 

During the initial content audit, I found a lot of redundancy between the Master Loan presentation (i.e. the Mama Loan) and the Subloan presentation (i.e. the Baby Loans that make up the Mama Loan).

With no clear mental model, customers — and us — were a bit confused as to where to find things, and why.

All GrowN Up

Our new experience eliminated the individual Subloan pages and consolidated all the elements into a single Master page with two tabs: Account-level detail on Tab 1; Loan-level detail on Tab 2. Check it out:


Account Summary

Subloan pages removed. View Activity changed to View Account.

Master-Level Details

Balance Information tab of original experience changed to Account Details — a payment-oriented ledger incorporating all loans that comprise the account.

Master-Level Details (Expanded)

Loan-Level Details

Standalone Subloan page from original experience consolidated into Loan Details tab of new experience. All loans that comprise Account included on tab.

Loan-Level Details (Expanded)

Information located on Loan Status tab of original Subloan page reorganized inside each loan on the new Loan Details tab.