Alison Henry

Copywriter + Strategist



Hi. I'm Alison.

I specialize in articles and branded messaging, from how-tos and blogs, to digital and print collateral. I have 13 years experience in retail, journalism and UX, from relaunching a bridal publication to creating successful campaigns for one of the nation's largest retailers.

I'm actively looking for a role in Portland, Oregon. Drop me a line, and let's chat. 





What have you been up to for the last year?
I took a break in early 2017 to freelance and travel. I spent seven months in southern Utah, a couple months in Colorado, and I'm currently in Western Montana with my sights set on the Pacific Northwest.

Are you looking for work?
Traveling has been awesome, but I'm ready to get back to the grind. I love small-to-medium sized companies and teams that encourage creativity, originality and risk. I like to be challenged, to feel a strong sense of purpose and have room to grow. 

What do you specialize in?
Articles and branded messaging. I love researching topics and creating something conversational and informative that also gives you a laugh. I specifically love health + wellness and women's interests. I also love to organize things. (We can talk about your kitchen later.)

Do you do content strategy? 
Yes and no. I have the experience, but I prefer to stick to writing. I can't help myself when it comes to making bigger-picture suggestions, though, so you'll see the strategist come out more often than not. 

Are you a designer?
No. But I have a strong understanding of design principles, and I tend to think visually. It's good when everyone on the team can speak the same language. 

How are you with social media?
Your project isn't for me.

How do you respond to criticism?
Crying a little bit.

No, but really. I have a suggestion.
Just kidding. What's up?

When can we start?
Anytime :)




Freelance Copywriter

Product Marketing Manager | Credit Suisse

Content Strategist | Wells Fargo

Copywriter | Lowe's Home Improvement

Copywriter | Living Social

Editor | Carolina Bride Magazine

Associate Editor | SouthPark + Lake Norman

Associate Editor | The Ensign Magazine

Editorial Assistant | Philadelphia Weekly