Alison Henry




Hi. I'm Alison.

Throughout my career I’ve had the amazing opportunity to do what I love in a variety of spaces, from relaunching a bridal publication to creating successful campaigns for one of the nation’s largest retailers. I specialize in site content, articles and branded messaging, specifically health + wellness and women's interests, humanitarian projects and community outreach. I have 13 years experience in journalism, retail and banking, and I've completed short- and long-term projects for LivingSocial, The Red Cross, Sketchers, Charming Charlie, and agencies in Los Angeles and Charlotte, NC. 

I'm always open to a good opportunity.
Drop me a line, and let's chat. 





Are you available? ... For work, I mean.
Yes. I kicked the cubicle in 2017 and now work exclusively for you. And you. And you.

What do you specialize in?
Site content, promotional content, articles and branded messaging. I also love to organize things. (We can talk about your kitchen later.)

Can you write about _______? I don't see _______ in your portfolio.
I didn't know squat about power drills when I wrote for Lowe's, but I do know how to get into the mind of the consumer. When it comes to marketing, that's all you should be looking for. There are, however, certain topics I prefer to write about when it comes to long-form copy: health + wellness, women's interests, nonprofits and community outreach. I enjoy creating content that will help people, even if it just gives them a laugh. 

Do you do content strategy? 
Yes, I'm also a content strategist. I really enjoy information architecture and taxonomy. (See above about organizing things ...)  

Are you a designer?
No. But I have a strong understanding of design principles, and I tend to think visually. It's good when everyone on the team can speak the same language. 

How are you with social media?
Your project isn't for me.

How do you respond to criticism?
Crying a little bit.

No, but really. I have a suggestion.
OK, what's up?

When can we start?
Anytime :)




Freelance Copywriter

Product Marketing Manager | Credit Suisse

Content Strategist | Wells Fargo + Ally Bank

Copywriter | Lowe's Home Improvement

Copywriter | Living Social

Editor | Carolina Bride Magazine

Associate Editor | SouthPark + Lake Norman Magazines

Associate Editor | The Ensign Magazine

Editorial Assistant | Philadelphia Weekly